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About Zachary Sullivan

Zachary Sullivan is a model, actor, voice over artist, and brand ambassador, VERY new to the industry. Currently signed with the Donna Baldwin Agency (April 2023), one of Colorado’s best agencies for this line of work. They hope to continue to give ‘Zachary’ the space to thrive in a new and exciting light.

Zachary identities as a trans nonbinary gender fluid queer human, and loves showcasing that in their work. In addition, Zachary is a psoriasis proud model. Opening a space for folks with skin conditions to see proud representation. 


Zachary’s style and aesthetic changes daily, and is constantly inspired to present as loudly as possible in any space. A range and mixture of feminine, masculine, and fluid influences to shake up the energy in a room.  An aspiring example of living unapologetically and authentically.


Please visit the Donna Baldwin Agency to find out more information on booking Zachary. You will NOT be disappointed. 

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