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Miss Jessica

Drag Personality 

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Hi Everyone! It's me Miss Jessica! And I see you came to learn more about what I do!
Miss Jessica was created in 2018. She is the all ages family friendly personality that inspires and advocates for people of all ages, especially our youth and queer youth.


Miss Jessica was first born after visiting Rocky Top Middle school for literacy day. Where she talked about how going to school helped her find her current career, Drag! She spoke on the importance of reading and eduction, answered a few questions from the students, and read a book about not bullying others.


This gained A LOT of attention, and with a huge controversy surrounding drag being appropriate to be around kids continued since 2018. I’m here to provide a shining example and real life representation that it IS appropriate. Drag is for everyone, drag influences everyone, drag is representation that matters, and drag saves lives! 


G/PG events, drag story time, visits to GSAs and so much more! Drag inspires people to live their happiest and most authentic lives. Miss Jessica is also the founder and creator of the ‘Drag For All Ages Show’, which created a space for up and coming youth drag superstars.

Miss Jessica prides herself on her philanthropy work, using her platform to bring awareness to difficult issues and raise money for amazing causes. Please check out some of the organizations I support HERE! In addition, Miss Jessica is passionate about making things educational and fun to create safer spaces. 

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Photographed by: Jeremiah Corder

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