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Jessica L'Whor

Hi everybody! I see you came to learn a little bit more about me! Jessica L’Whor is known as being one of the nastiest bitches in the state, and the biggest whore in ALL of Colorado. You’re going to find that she is an extremely sex positive and body positive emcee who takes pride in making audience members leave feeling better than when they started.  And after 10 years in the business, she is easily one of Colorado’s finest in the biz. 

But… how did she get started?

Jessica was first birthed in Fort Collins, CO at the Colorado State University drag show in 2013 and from there she couldn’t be stopped. From performing once a semester to now 6 nights a week, Jessica has continued to thrive and level up time and time again.   She has been recognized as being an example of hustling to make your dreams, goals, and aspirations come true. From being “Best New Queen on the Scene” to “Colorado’s Drag Entertainer of the year”, Jessica has built a strong drag empire and prides herself on elevating the Colorado drag scene over the years.

Photographed by: Scotty Kirby 


Jessica is a proud drag mother to 3 amazing drag kids. Talia Tucker L’Whor, glamor goddess herself. Creator of some of the best events in town, including her one-of-a-kind Murder Mysteries AND a badass on the mic.  Foxxy L’Whor, the bearded beauty herself. One of Colorado’s entertainers on the rise with the ability to stop a room with the sound of her voice, and tell you a story through her creative performances. Sassaline Bluechild, the light in a dark room. Sass has the ability to make everyone around smile with their energetic, creative, and confident performances. I am so very proud to have some of the most talented and driven kids in my family.

Photographed by: Taylor Hammond

Jessica’s core values values are community, hard work, kindness, individuality, and leadership which play massive roles in her success. She believes in taking key pieces of advice throughout her ten years and actively practicing them.  

Set the example you want to see.

Everyone can be just a little kinder to each other.

There is always room for folks to have a slice of the pie.

Be the cheerleader for others that you want for yourself.

Actively be apart of and give back to your community.

Work hard, play hard, and stay humble.  

Jessica is a powerhouse personality, making it a mission to create unforgettable, unique and memorable experiences. Named miss booked and busy, you never know what you are going to get from JLW in her constant changing looks, variety of performances, and ridiculously high energy. 

For PG/G Events book Miss Jessica here.

Photographed by: Jeremiah Corder

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